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Nelson and creator Jason Katims to talk season four highlights, season five hopes and NBC frustrations.

Lack of Love Despite being one of the network's most critically acclaimed series, the cast all expressed some degree of frustration regarding NBC's treatment of the show.

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NBC’s hit TV series Parenthood is now filming in San Francisco and seeking actors, models, and talent to work on the TV series.

“Parenthood” is the critically acclaimed one-hour drama inspired by the box office hit of the same name.

"There are all these people responding to our show and NBC is completely out of it," Nelson said.

"They don't promo the show, you don't see anything about it out there. "I don't understand whatever the agenda is behind the scenes. Having been around as long as I have and been on a couple of shows -- one of which I ran -- it doesn't make sense to me." Potter's Perfect Performance One thing everyone can agree on is that Monica Potter delivered next-level work all season long as her character, Kristina, battled breast cancer.

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It's like this hidden gem, but why are they ashamed of it? "She's a magical actress," Jaeger, who directed one of Potter's most emotional episodes this season, told me. "She's able to surprise and in that moment of surprise there's such awe and wonder, it creates its own magic.

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